Welcome to 'Extracts from my Brain' where you can find various bits of stuff I've done. Where work is published elsewhere I'll just post the links otherwise it feels like cheating to publish on my own site

The Everyday is a great magazine covering a wide selection of fiction, opinion and reviews. I really appreciate this dedicated and enthusiastic team publishing a number of my pieces. Here are the links below:

My first vasectomy

Phone in - Vasectomies

Not a foetus

Organic Vegans taste better

Street Art - Brenda O'lox meets Blanksy

My First Dead Body

Phone in with Brenda O'Lox - 'My first dead body'

I was Harry Potters stunt pubic wig

The Writers Egg Magazine published one of my '50 Word' stories in 2020. The magazine is subscription only i.e you have to buy the mag, so I don't feel I should publish it here ...for a while. But if you like the mag then sign up for a copy

The Spoof just simply takes the piss out of everything we seem to think is important. 

Whenever I feel I'm taking the world too seriously then I have a bout of satirical diarrhoea. In 2020 I was ill dozens of times.

Heres a few examples and then a link to the rest:


The Angy App

Man's arguments no match for wife's facts

Statistics reveal more sub-genres of Heavy Metal than metal fans

And all the other stuff on The Spoof